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How To Become a Successful Programmer & Coder | Improve your Coding Confidence

To build a successful career in any field is a task which requires certain skills. With hard work and dedication, one can learn the important aspects of one's subject(s) of interest. In the fields of programming and coding, one needs ample amount of patience. Patience is the key to grow one's efficiency.

Become a Successful Programmer & Coder

With each new code, one learns something new. Technology is developing very fast and to be updated about the latest methodology is a must. Confusions and frustrations are common when learning how to develop better but a little strategy and a few tips would make one feel more confident in their quest to become a master at their craft.


Whether one is an amateur or a professional, to keep one's consistent coding, one must keep practicing. It's okay to make mistakes, the more mistakes one would make the more he/she shall learn.

Being Updated

Technology is a fast moving vehicle and the latest updates of it are to be monitored for someone who loves technical stuff. Whether through tutorials on YouTube or posts on popular blogs, trying to keep oneself updated about the latest terms and methods is very necessary.

Being patient, very patient

Patience is the key for a programmer. It is easy to get frustrated with failing codes and unmatched results. To be patient with one's work and to be able to work under pressure is a mastered art. Any good programmer was once an amateur with self-doubts. To take a leap over one's negative energy is the big deal. Having faith and patience helps a lot in the long run.

Realistic goals

Everyone has a different learning style and they require different time periods to learn as well. One should never compare oneself with anybody else. Having an ideal is not a problem but comparison is. One might feel that he/she is not even crossing the beginner stage since a long time and that's okay. Things like programming take time to show progress.

The teaching method

A method very useful and common nowadays. Attempting to teach an amateur with the knowledge one has, highlights the lacking points. The missing information or inability to interpret is the gap that one needs to fill. The gaps require new knowledge and one will learn that to fill their information.

Hunger for knowledge

There is never an end to new knowledge. One can learn from many different methods. From seniors to clients, etc. have something or the other to learn from. The more one would learn, the more he or she will be filled with basic concepts.

If the basic concepts aren't clear, it slows down the further processes. To be able to communicate with other people effectively is also an essential part for a programmer where he / she will come across people who can teach something.

Physically writing the codes

Just like writing a novel or a book, when one writes down the codes, he can visually see the match or mis-match of it. 

It is much easier to pick out the flaws and work on the expected fluency. The first draft of a novel is never the final product. Similarly, the first draft of a code is only to make it into a more elegant one.

Trying "Unit Testing"

Unit testing is extremely essential to make one's coding skills develop better. It is basically a test-driven design. However, it requires ample amount of time in many cases. Which indeed makes the method and the process a heart-racing one.

Using Time Wisely

The world is filled with distractions. The very first rule that a programmer should follow is to keep oneself away from distractions. The unnecessary distractions would hamper the work and the work mood. 

To stick to the core element of one's program and to attempt to make lesser mess requires a settled man with a settled mind, not a wandering one.

Finally, leaving the comfort zone

In any field of study, the final stage shall require one to leave his/her comfort zone. Taking healthy risks, working on unlikely projects, develops a sense of immediate need for a professional attitude. 

This attitude further develops a professional working method where one neglects unnecessary flaws and tries to meet the deadline. This process, altogether, nourishes the growth of a programmer very effectively.


Programming is a part of the technical world. However, it requires effective soft skills too. Trying to talk to everyone and anyone who even has the least of knowledge about programming and coding. There is not any mandatory method to excel in programming.

Everyone has a different learning style and different abilities. When one would come across someone who is a similar learner and a beginner in programming, a sense of belonging and inclusiveness prevails. That's why, to communicate outside the coding world is also an essential element.

Finally, when one communicate with other people about their experiences in coding and programming, they shall understand the similar struggles. Soon, they too shall find out that they have the same feelings of doubt and inadequacy and that it's okay.

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