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Know How: Google is listening to everything you say and even Google is tracking your every move

Yes, Google is listening to everything you say

In the age of Technology, the world is crowded with gadgets and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thinking of life without gadgets have turned into a distant dream. The moment one wakes up in the morning and kick-starts for a new day, one reaches for their small to big gadgets to receive assistance and make their day to day work lives more comfortable. 

Humans tend to interact more with machines rather than with humans in person, and this is a common phenomenal situation undenied.

There is no hidden magic behind the creation and functioning of various gadgets that have turned into a family-member alike. There are software giants that have created a whole new world of communication and interaction of which everyone shares an equal and active part. 

The growing dependence on these machines that help individuals get information and knowledge about almost anything within just a matter of seconds.

However, the pros and advantages of Technology have made people extraordinarily ignorant and hazy towards their terms of functioning. In the fast-moving world, nobody seems to do a complete reading of the terms and conditions before clicking on the 'I Agree '. 

Individuals do not attempt to do the necessary background check or research before choosing their gadgets.

Even though the gadgets whether a smartphone or anything else usually has a smaller design and appear to be harmless, but there are ears behind those small devices that can detect and listen to every move and words of the individual respectively. Sounds scary right? It is indeed creepy.

Nobody would like an outsider to calmly sit beside them in their own bedrooms without permission but at the same time no individual would have ever questioned the authenticity of their AI gadgets too; until they came across the recent news of the leaks of audio files from the Google Assistant home devices.

Google has a significant workforce, and a section of them are employed to listen and observe the conversations with the Google Assistant. 

The company recruit independent contractors from different parts of the world to hear and transcribe audio recording (audio commands).

One such contractor spoke to the Dutch publication, namely VRT NEWS saying that he transcribes more than a thousand audio recordings per week. Reportedly of the thousand recordings that were recorded by the Google devices, there were more than 100 sound recordings which had been captured accidentally.

It's scary how users won't even know that their private conversations and unwanted personal information were being interfered without prior permission and are being listened to by the Google workers. It is known that individuals can give a command to the Google Assistant by saying the command 'OK Google' and speaking/asking the required.

The bug in the system lies in the fact that the Google Assistant could record audio of the individual without him/her giving the command.

The audio files consisted of personal information like phone numbers address bank details etc. In the terms and conditions, Google did mention that the audio data shall be stored in the database, but they did not say about the bug of auto recording and that workers can access the information in the audio files.

Amazon also reportedly admitted -

Amazon also reportedly admitted that their workers could access the data by listening to voice recordings stored in Echo devices.

All these recent happenings have triggered a sense of trauma and fear among the users who are always connected with their AI home speaker systems. 

In the name of smart devices and Technology, people's privacy is at risk. 

If this is the face of modern Technology, then are we actually advancing for a better world? The question shall remain in the shade for a while.

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