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How to become a Successful Ethical Hacker without Any Degree | Get Pro Tips

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Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical hacker also referred to as a white-hat hacker is a cyber security expert who can penetrate into computer systems to detect the system flaws and vulnerabilities with authorized permission for his act of hacking.

Hacking is a technological art which requires one in identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities of technical systems. A hacker can gain access into a system program by his coding skills and technical knowledge to manipulate the functional programming of a system in his desired way(s)

"Hacking" and "Hacker" is an umbrella term. There are subdivisions in the multidimensional concept of hacking. There are different types of hackers based upon their act and purpose of hacking. They are: "White hat" also known as an ethical hacker,

"Black hat", also known as the classical hacker who tends to get involved in unauthorized access(s) and "Grey hat", he/she is a person who usually get into unauthorized access and unethical acts but admits or surrenders himself upon his inability to continue the manipulation.

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An ordinary Hacker gets into unauthorized access by attacking systems while an ethical hacker has legit official permission/access to assess the system functions of a targeted system(s).

Is becoming an ethical hacker right for me?

In the present age of technological advances, hacking/coding etc. are considered to be very new and exciting terminologies. The main objective of ethical hacking is to get into a particular computer system of a company or organization, usually to detect faults and defects in the system.

With the help of the ethical hacker, the company comes to know about its security weaknesses and vulnerabilities and makes it easier for a company to fix them. An Ethical hacker keeps a maintained record of all his coding and hacking trails and everything he did to complete his assigned task.

The very first and necessary step to be a white hat hacker is to be an advent learner and always to have a learning attitude. With time, new hackers take birth, both black-hat and white-hat (s) and in order to compete with their intelligence, one needs to keep oneself updated with the latest technical knowledge.

It is not mandatory to have a professional degree in cyber security or information technology. If one has an adequate amount of interest and a necessary foundation of computer skills and coding, one can be an ethical hacker with additional learning.

The additional knowledge can be done at the comfort of one's home through online courses and most of them are certified. The second step would be to have a strong foundational understanding and interest of at least one coding/scripting language.It helps the aspirant to get along the higher terms of coding or programming.

How to become an ethical hacker?

Learning to code and programming would be considered the baby step of being a hacker. Along with that, a deep understanding of the basic concepts of the Operating System is also an integral part of the process.

To be updated about the latest networking and security technologies would help one to code better and make successful penetration into the system functions.

It is highly suggested by many high-end hackers to beginners to learn HTML, ASP, JSP, Java (Android), Swift (iOS), C++ and Python as well.

These are the basics of hacking, and if one is acquainted and friendly with the knowledge of the above mentioned, then there is no essential need for any degree.

The rise of network breaching by black hat hackers are becoming a common phenomenon. To stop these black hat hackers, only a white-hat hacker with an equal understanding and intelligence of hacking can make a successful impact.
Most of the white hat hackers were previously black-hat hackers who either got caught or surrendered.

Is programming necessary for learning hacking?

The importance of programming for a hacker is defined by his interests and abilities. A hacker without the knowledge of programming would have to depend upon tools developed by other hackers.

A hacker with the willing knowledge of programming would have to depend upon no one and can create a strong fundamental base of his knowledge. In order to be an efficient hacker, one needs to develop a good understanding of programming.

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To be claimed as a "hacker" one needs to know programming, but it is possible for an ordinary computer enthusiast to hack without the knowledge of programming by using tools by other hackers.

Pro Tips:

Programming is a wide world of possibilities, and one needs to have knowledge of at least any one programming language. Also, he/she needs to have an OS-level understanding of that language or learn assembly language.

Hacking would not fetch one overnight miracle. Being patient and having faith upon oneself is the ultimate key to being an efficient hacker. Keeping oneself motivated is very essential.

Being aware about one's work is crucial as companies might manipulate one into unauthorized activities and make ethical hackers do unethical or wrong things.

Some of the points to be noted:

Self-learner: The fundamentals of hacking might be the same, but every hacker has their own little ways of making a successful code. Hacking is very much individualistic as one learns from one's own mistake.

Being updated: Technology speeds up with new systems and programs. Keeping oneself updated about the recent changes through the medium of tutorial videos, articles, etc. is very essential.

Knowing the goal(s): One needs to set the goal/target before the start of their work.

Mapping the goal/target: One needs to set a plan to achieve their target. The required methods and structure of programming needs to be predetermined with a plan instead of making blank assumptions.

Be unique/Be yourself: It is not mandatory to copy other hackers. One can set their own marks in the hacking world by their own ways. Thinking out of the box is the key.

Being like a Ninja: One needs to be like a ninja who is precise, fast and intelligent. The above points can only be worked out if one is quick and precise.


Hacking is not an easy task. It's about finding something that the original developers missed and then knowing how to exploit that. It's not a skill which you can pick up in a weekend. At the same time, you cannot learn "hacking" like learning a new language or learning a programming language.

Hacking is the understanding of how things work and seeking exploits as described. It's a combination of everything you know about how computing works.

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