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Top Big Data Trends for 2019 | Future of Big Data

Latest Big Data Trends

Image Source: Google & Modified by The Techrix Team

Big Data is one of the major emerging areas in Computer Science Industry. In the modern era, a lot of data is generated. Some of the trends in the Big Data area are discussed in this article.

Managing Big Data is hard:

In recent days, recommending the customer with the things what he needs has grown a lot. For this, they use data of previous purchases. The process of getting data using extraction tools from various sources and managing them is hard.

Trend of Streaming Analytics:

The growth of the business depends on the time taken to analyze the data and make decisions. The process of data at the real-time is known as Streaming analytics.

Now a days technology is growing and it used to process data in real time. Some of the technologies used for streaming analytics are Spark, Kafka etc.

Growth of need for Data Governance:

Data governance is managing the integrity and security of data in an enterprise. Now a days, managing data safety from hackers is difficult. A recent incident of data leakage is hacking of 775 million ids in 2019.

Evolving Technology and shifting of skills:

Human resources department have a crucial responsibility in selecting people for big data roles. Finding the person with the right skills is difficult. There are a lot of technologies used for Data analytics like Python, R, Matlab.

But Python is the most dominating one. As the need for Data governance increases, opportunities for data engineers grow.

Introduction of Deep Learning:

Another trend in Big data field of deep learning. Deep learning is a subset of Machine Learning that deals with data representation.

With the introduction of Deep learning, libraries like PyTorch, Keras etc came into existence. For dealing with Deep learning, demand for GPU’s, FPGA etc is increased.

Emerging of Kubernetes footprint:

Kubernetes is an orchestration system developed by Google for Automatic deployment, scaling, and management of software. At present, Big data software vendors are writing in Hadoop and running on Kubernetes.

Usage of Cloud for Big data:

In the modern era, a lot of data is generated and it is difficult to manage by own hardware. So cloud is used which provides the facility of pay per use. Based on the need for computation, storage, the cloud is used accordingly.

Evolution of Smart devices:

For the past few years, the Internet of Things is an emerging technology. With the introduction of IoT,  devices like smart watches, smart mobiles came into existence.

As a result, a lot of data is generated and growth of the need for Data analytics as IoT devices increases.

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