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What is Internet of Things (IoT)? Know Everything About IoT & Its Benefits

IoT is one of the emerging areas of the Computer Science Industry that helps common people to operate their appliances through internet.

IMG: Google Image (Internet Of Things)

Introduction to IoT:
IoT stands for Internet of Things which means connecting physical devices to internet and operate on them. Using IoT, physical devices can be connected to internet and can transfer, share data over network without any manual intervention.

With the help of IoT, decisions can be taken. An example of IoT is automatically adjusting the AC based on the temperature of the room.

Examples of  IoT devices:

Some of the examples of IoT devices are as below:
  • Switching the light bulb on using a smartphone
  • Truck running without a driver
  • Collecting and transmitting data to jet engine using sensors
  • Smart watch that tracks data on health of person
Benefits of IoT:
IoT makes home smarter and easier to manage by controlling the physical devices of home through internet. For example, using smart speakers like Google Home, you can play music, set timer or get information.
There are smart bulbs, smarter fridge, smarter plugs that saves electricity and reduce environmental pollution. Using IoT, it is easy to monitor and use the physical devices even for old people. IoT saves the time of people by automating the things. Comfort of the lives of people is improved through IoT.
Areas where IoT is used:
Smart cities:
IoT can be used in designing smart cities by monitoring the vibrations of buildings, monuments, and bridges. It can be used to manage peak traffic during traffic jams, accidents and rains.
It can be used to manage the streetlights of the city automatically. Another interesting usage is alerting the officials to clear dustbin when it is completely filled with waste.

Industrial Automation:

IoT can be used to automate the manufacturing process. Inventory and supply chain can be managed by using IoT. It also can be used to check whether the machine needs any maintenance. Monitoring of toxic gases can also be performed.

Health Monitoring:
Health issues can be detected by using IoT. The patterns of heart,  BP and digestive system can be monitored. In time of emergencies, the hospital can be contacted. This is more useful to senior people and disabled people who live independently.
Smart Environment:
IoT can be used to detect natural calamities and environmental pollution. Quality of drinking water can also be monitored using IoT. Detection of forest fire is another application of IoT. It can also be used to monitor water levels of rivers and dams & send alert in case of occurence of floods.

Learning Resources for IoT:

  • IBM has good resources to learn on IoT. To access them, click here.
  • Udemy also has nice stuff to learn about IoT programming.

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