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What is Cloud Computing? & Know Everything About Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the technology that delivers servers, storage, Networking, Software, analytics etc. over the internet.

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Evolution of Cloud computing:

In the beginning of the computing era, one user can access an application on single machine. As the time progressed, internet came to existence.

In the internet era, many users can access an application on single machine through web browsers and servers. To meet the need of growing users and higher power processing power, cloud computing technology is emerged and many users can access an application from many machines.

Varieties of Cloud computing:

Based on the usage, location, type, there are following types of clouds:

Public Cloud is a type of cloud that can be used by common people and they pay money to cloud provider based on the usage. Customer does not know the location of the cloud, but uses the service from his system. Examples of public cloud are Amazon EC2, IBM Blue Cloud

Private Cloud is a cloud that is not available to public and is particular to specific customer. These provide security and are used by the business organization or universities. They use virtualization technology and examples of private cloud are VMWare, Eucalyptus

Hybrid cloud is a cloud that has both characteristics of public and private cloud. Companies that use their infrastructure at normal loads and use cloud at peak load. This is an hybrid cloud paradigm.

Types of Cloud computing Services:

Cloud computing provides the following types of services that will help the business world, common people to perform their tasks in a sample way.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): IaaS provides services like Operating systems, servers, Storage, Virtual Machines, Network on rent basis.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS provides services like DBMS, BI services on a rent basis.

Software as a Service (SaaS): SaaS provides services like softwares to use on a rent basis.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing provides a lot of advantages that makes a revolution in the technology and will drive the business world. Some of the advantages are as below:

  • Using Cloud computing, hardware can be used remotely that results in reducing costs for an business
  • The uptime of Cloud Service providers is 99.99%. There is guarantee of availability of your services if cloud computing in your business
  • Based on the need of the business, necessary resources can be used remotely using cloud computing. Once the need is over, the resources can be withdrawn
  • Using Softwares needed for the business with the help of cloud computing, the updation of these softwares is done automatically
  • Cloud computing offers good security. Even if your machines are damaged or hacked, as the information is present in the remote systems, data is not lost
  • Using cloud computing in the business supports collaborative access to resources of the company
  • Cloud computing is easy to manage. It is scalable, and flexible
  • Using Cloud computing also increases the speed of performing computations and delivery of applications

Companies providing Cloud Resources:

Examples of Companies providing IaaS:

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing service provided by Amazon that provides virtual servers, storage, databases etc. It is an example for IaaS cloud service

Microsoft Azure is an another example that provides IaaS cloud services like Virtual Machines, databases, servers, blockchain service etc.

Examples of Companies providing SaaS:

Google Applications is an example of SaaS cloud service that provides software services like Documents, Calendar, Mail, Excel sheets etc.
Salesforce is another example of SaaS cloud service that provides service like Customer relationship management etc.
Examples of Companies providing PaaS:
Red hat Openshift is an example for PaaS Cloud service that provides platform to write, build, and scale apps
Apprenda is another example for PaaS Cloud service that provides platform for developers to design, develop and test their applications
IBM Bluemix is a example of PaaS by IBM that supports various programming languages, DevOps technology etc.

Cloud Applications:

Cloud application is a software program or application that works on cloud  and is accessible using a web browser through internet. Cloud application perform tasks on local system and internet is required when data is uploaded or downloaded to the server.

Also, cloud applications can be accessible on type of operating system, device etc. Some example of cloud applications are:

  • Apple Mobile Me is a cloud application to access mails, contacts, photos etc. among multiple devices and are in synchronization until internet connection is present to access Apple server.
  • Picnik is an cloud application that allows to edit photos in the cloud
  • Adobe Acrobat is an cloud application that allows to store PDF documents in the cloud and provides an online PDF converter
  • Twitterfone is an cloud application that converts voice messages to tweets and publish them on Twitter.
  • Evernote is an cloud application that can be used to store photos, files etc. to servers on the cloud Resources to Learn Cloud Computing:
  • Udemy has a lot of resources to learn how to use, understand and build cloud infrastructure
  • Another resource to learn how to manage cloud, build applications on cloud, build warehouse on cloud can be seen here.

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