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The Biggest Data Breach of over 773 Million Email IDs & Passwords

Biggest Collection of Hacked Password

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Data privacy is one of the biggest concerns in the modern world. Recently, a researcher named Troy Hunt discovered the biggest data leak in 2019.

Details of the data hacked:

According to Troy Hunt, the data that is leaked contains 773 million email ids and 21 million passwords. This leaked data is collected from different data breaches occurred in different sources. The data leaked has 2,692,818,238 rows. This leaked data is stored in 12000 separate files and the total size of all file accounts to 87GB.

This data is uploaded to MEGA, a file-sharing website.

To check whether an email id and passwords are hacked, you can check here. Once, you have visited your site and entered your email id, it shows whether an email is hacked or not.

If it shows “Good News - no pwnage found”, then your email id is safe. If it shows “Oh no - pwned”, then change your password immediately to save your email from hackers. You can also check whether your password is hacked or not here.

Insights into the data hacked:

The following are insights from the data hacked:
  • The data hacked contains 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email id and passwords. Here, the assumption is that email id is case insensitive and password is case sensitive
  • The count of the unique email ids in the hacked data is 772,904,991
  • The count of the unique passwords in the hacked data is 21,222,975

Security measures to protect your accounts:

To safeguard your social account emails and passwords, use password managers like 1password ,Last Pass etc. Also, change your account passwords regularly which improves the security of your accounts.

You can also two-factor authentication to protect your social media accounts. Try to use different passwords for different services. Frequently check your bank accounts and if you find suspicious transactions, immediately report to the bank.

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