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Hack the Air Force 3.0 Challenge - Uncovers 120 Bugs in Websites & Services

Bug Hunting Challenge -

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The U.S. Department of Defence (DoD) and HackerOne, the leading hacker-powered security platform, together conducted a bug bounty program ‘Hack the Air Force 3.0’.

This programme is its third successful programme in series of Air bug bounty programme challenges.

Nearly 30 participants submitted 120 valid vulnerabilities and the U.S. Air Force awarded $1,30,000 to them. Department has been launching this programmes to secure the air forces data from being misused.

This programme was initiated on 19th October, 2018  and result were announced at 22nd November, 2018.

This programmes unable the air force to uncover any faults and vulnerabilities in its websites and services further not allowing unfriendly hackers to take undue advantage of the data.
Hacking is a most common practice prevalent in modernised and technocrat world. As the world goes digital, there is more need of security from unfriendly hackers. Such programmes and challenges encourage more number of people to participate for the good cause. This in turn allows government to work smoothly and in efficient secured manner.

Hacking, apart from being disadvantageous, is also a boon to the society. With recent development in technologies, it has become easier to go more secured with the help of hackers.

The DoD’s first ever challenge was Hack the Pentagon launched in 2016. It was the first ever bug bounty programme launched by Defence Digital Service team.

Hack the Air Force 3.0 was eligible for about 191 countries to participate and is known to be the biggest successful bug bounty programme initiated by the US Government to the date.

USAF chief information security officer Wanda Jones-Heath said: “Hack the Air Force 3.0 demonstrates the Air-force's willingness to fix vulnerabilities that present critical risks to the network.”

The Air Force and Hacker One have joined hands and been successful in its third programme, Air Force bug bounty challenges, in the series.

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