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Google Lens - Best Image Recognition Tool for Smartphone

Google Lens can now identify more than one billion products

Google Lens
Google Lens Update | Img Ref. By Engadget

Google lens is making  the camera more then a tool or taking pictures and selfies.

From its launch just over a year ago, Google lens can now recognise over more than one billion items. It is more then four times since its launch — announced Aparna Chennapragada, VP, Google lens and AR, in a blog post.

Google being a search giant has always been successful in all its venture it undertakes. Google’s lens uses machine learning and is not based on artificial intelligence. With increase in number of people using its lens there is more improvement in its quality and services.

Google Lens can be used to identify items or text in photos.

It is available in Google Photos, to collect information about one or more items in a picture, via Google Assistant, and is directly integrated into the Camera app on certain handsets, such as the Pixel smartphone range.

Google’s lens is an AI – powered image recognition application. Google lens reads and gets trained by the combining of custom Optical Character Recognition with its language in form of searches and knowledge graph.

AI and image recognition means the camera is now the search box on your smartphone.

Google camera last year was launched with ability of detection of about 2,50,000 items. Now with advancement in its technology and training it covers a huge range of items that could appease someone who is just simply looking and curious about any item.

Google is abode of items that are already in google’s shopping platform.

Chennapragada further notes that

As computers start to see like we do, the camera will become a powerful and intuitive interface to the world around us; an AI viewfinder that puts the answers right where the questions are -- overlaying directions right on the streets we're walking down, highlighting the products we're looking for on store shelves, or instantly translating any word in front of us in a foreign city.

We'll be able to pay our bills, feed our parking meters, and learn more about virtually anything around us, simply by pointing the camera”.

She says that world is entering a new phase called as ‘era of camera’.

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