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Cyber Security threat analyst job

Image: Google Search & Modified by The Techrix Team

With this era becoming DIGITAL and internet being part of everyone’s daily life, there has been an increase in need of Cyber Security by small companies to Multinational organisations.

Cyber Security Threat Analyst  are valuable asset for our economy.  

Most promising job as proved out in 2018 and still showing an increase in its graph as attackers try to take advantage of every loophole present in cyber space. It is expected to grow more in 2019 and also the need for Cyber Security threat analyst, by government and organisations to neutralise attacks and protect the cyber infrastructure.

For as in India, news of Aadhar breach caused a discontentment among citizens debating their privacy concerns. Details such as name, unique identity number and even bank accounts were targeted by the hackers. This was a major cause which lead to feeling of having friendly cybersecurity threat analyst by government.

Who are Cyber Security threat Analyst?

Cyber security threat analyst detect flaws and also protect your cyber systems from unwanted bugs and unfriendly hackers.

Cyber intelligence analysts, also known as cyber threat analysts,” are information security professionals who use their skills and background knowledge in areas like network administration or network engineering to help counter the activities of cyber criminals such as hackers and developers of malicious software.

Technical Requirements

For being a Cyber Security threat Analyst one needs to be well versed with technical skills, as well as have a rich experience in same, like :
  • Network and/or operating system security;
  • Computer network intrusion detection/prevention systems;
  • Firewalls;
  • IT network-based attack methodologies and tools;
  • Security operations and incident response technologies and methodologies;
  • A sound knowledge about incident response process such as detecting advanced adversaries, log analysis using Splunk, ELK, or similar tools, and malware triage;
  • An understanding of coding languages:  Perl, Python, Bash or Shell, PowerShell, or batch.

Role of Cyber Security Analyst

  • Creating, testing and implementing network disaster recovery plans
  • Performing risk assessments and testing of data processing systems
  • Installing firewalls, data encryption and other security measures
  • Recommending security enhancements and purchases
  • Training staff on network and information security procedures
Threat analyst are essential security threat hunters who use manual and machine – assisted techniques to detect threats in automated system that are overlooked by CISO or CIO. They provide defensive strategies against threats in cyber infrastructure.
With advancement in technologies and companies investing millions of rupees, threat analyst job is the most promising one.

And with the government’s initiative to make the country go digital, there will be seen an increase in the job graph of Cyber Security Threat Analyst in 2019.

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