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Upcoming Features of Smartphones for 2019 | The Techrix

In the modern digital era, a lot of innovations are coming. Coming to smartphones, a lot of features are getting introduced periodically. Some of the upcoming features are discussed here.

In-display fingerprint reader feature:

At present, there is a fingerprint sensor at the back of the smartphone. But it is not the best option. In future, fingerprint sensor will be located just below the display and can read, process it through the display. This eliminates the finding the sensor on the back side of the phone to unlock it. This is currently implemented by Oneplus 6T mobile phone.

Call Screen feature:

Call screen is an interesting feature introduced by Google Pixel mobile phones. This feature allows Google Assistant to see who is calling even before lifting the call. It also allows seeing the transcript of how the caller responds. Based on this, the user can pick up the call, respond by tapping message like “I will call back you later” or mark calls as spam and dismiss it. For using this feature, turn off the third-party call recording and screen recording apps.

Night Sight feature:

Night sight is a feature of Google Pixel phone to take good low-light images which revolutionize the world of smartphones. With this feature, photos in low light can be taken without turning on the flash. It uses machine learning technology to detect the object, it’s colour and generates the images of good quality.

Physical Mute Switch Feature:

Generally, to keep smartphones in silent mode, one has to go to quick settings dropdown and enable the keep silent icon. This takes a little bit of time. To reduce time, this feature of physical mute switch is introduced. It can be used to know whether the phone is in silent or not eliminating the need of waking it.

Shortcuts like app feature:

It is a excellent feature of upcoming mobile phones that is used to access the frequently used apps in less time within the single tap. This feature is present in Apple iPhone and soon it will be introduced in android mobiles too.

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