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This Android Malware Steal Money From Your PayPal Account By Bypassing 2FA

New Paypal Malware to steal Money from your account by bypassing 2FA

New Paypal Malware to steal Money from your account by bypassing 2FA
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In the modern digital, we are hearing about lot of trojans, viruses etc. that are attacking the mobile devices, PC’s. Recently, an incident is reported where the trojan inside battery optimization app of android phone is stealing money from Paypal accounts.

Details on Malware stealing money from Paypal accounts:
There is an app named “Optimization Android” from unofficial third party stores. Once the app is launched, it closed and hides its presence offering no functionality.
As it is offered by unofficial third party store, less amount of phones are infected by this malware.

For transferring funds to his account from user, the hacker mimics the interaction with paypal app taking the advantage of built-in accessibility service. This built-in accessibility service is used to send message to user to launch the paypal app if it is already installed on the device.

Then it prompts a message to enable statistics for fake Optimization Android app. Once enable statistics for the fake app is allowed, it can automate screen taps and OS interactions.

After getting the access for automate screen taps and OS interactions, the app does not steal the money right way. It waits for the user to open the Paypal app or pops the notification to open the Paypal app.

After logging into the Paypal app by the user, it waits for the user to enter the two factor authentication code. Once the user enters the two factor authentication code, the hacker automates taps to open a new Paypal transfer and enter the receivers Paypal account number, amount to be received and quickly approves it.

The whole process mentioned above takes place with in 5 seconds only and an unprepared user will not have any chance to stop this fraudulent transaction.

Here, two factor authentication offers no security as the login is a legitimate action fulfilled by the user who enters the two factor authentication code.

The trojan in this Optimization Android app is coded in a way that steals 1000 units of user’s Paypal account currency. Every time the user opens the Paypal account, this happens.

This continues when the user does not have any funds in his Paypal account. The user is aware of all this only when he checks his Paypal account.

Others thing that Android Trojan can do:

  • In addition to stealing money from Paypal account, the trojan can do any of the following:
    Display overlay over other apps like Whatsapp, Skype and trick user to share card details.
  • Collecting gmail credentials by showing overlay over gmail app.
  • Overlaying over banking apps to capture credentials of user bank accounts
  • Collect the contact list and making calls
  • Installing and running apps
  • Start socket communication using device
  • Also, the user has no choice except to enter the form once an overlay screen is displayed on any app

Tips to be Safe from Trojans:

The following are some tips to be safe from these kind of trojans:
  • Never install and run apps from untrusted sources
    Also, don’t give access to apps without reading the popup
  • Also, when an overlay screen is displayed, enter the wrong details to avoid losing your credentials
  • Use trusted android security app
  • Always keep the softwares update regularly

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