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New Google Chrome (Chrome 71) Updates Are Dedicated For Your Security

Google Chrome Latest Update (Chrome 71)

Image Credit: Google Image and Chrome

Google, being a search giant, earns most of its revenue from the ads segment. It has been working on to filter the abusive and misleading ads from being popped up and creating inconvenience to the users. Successful in its venture Google has released Chrome 71 with its key feature — Security.

Also it has refurbished the websites that show up shady tricks to fool the chrome accessors into billing by asking them to subscribe to mobile recharge and data plans. This leads to discomfort among the users and creates a sense of disliking among them.

Google has always worked upon this security feature that is not only limited to blocking of abusive ads but, according to its dictionary of abusive experience, also the ads that turn up on clicking into another blank page or ads creating disturbance in the minds of users. Such security feature launch has resolved the issues of Chrome 43 of Google.

Google has always looked into the needs of users and changed according to its changing environment. Indeed it has modernised and advanced technology along with skilled employees to keep it in race and top the satisfaction it delivers to accessors of website.

Users always dislike the speaking sound they are made to hear when opening any website, isn’t it? Google is a boon for them. With all the above mentioned updates it also has aided in preventing audio and video visual speeches and sounds. But this comes with a certain disadvantage of shutting down the older web games.

Being a tech savvy, Google has always been firm about its decisions and policies. In the first week of November, 2018

Google disclosed about its security issues relating to aggressive misleading ads and unwanted audios and visual videos. It gave all the websites, 30 days time to remove and adopt strict policy regarding the same and if not being followed then will result into blocking of ads.

There might be a question coming across your mind that How will you come to know whether this page is trying to bill you or not?

Well, Google’s persistent, quantified and efficient development has made it easier for users to distinguish well and be protected. Whenever there is a billing ad that takes you down to the irrelevant billing then just like HTTPS warning page, it will display a warning page reading “This page ahead may try to charge you money”.  How amazing it is!

Google has proved out to be the best in the running for the services and protection it provides.

To have an amazing usage experience install Google Chrome 71 released on 4th of December, 2018 for all the Windows, Mac and Linux Desktops. Google Chrome OS to be released on 11th of December, 2018.

Talking about its rollout for mobile devices, it is yet to be launched. But it is expected to come out for smartphones in the upcoming weeks.

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