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Google Fi Explained - Everything You Need to Know About Google Fi

Know everything about Google Fi

Google Fi a wireless service, earlier was known as Project Fi, is a feature developed by the search giant Google.

Google Fi is a unique flexible feature that enhances your international data coverage with no extra cost.
Image Source: Google and Modified by The Techrix

It has now expanded its network to various other phones like Apple, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Essential, One Plus, Nokia, Nexus, Pixel and Xiaomi. Google launched this feature in year 2015 coined as ‘Project Fi’. Now with advancement in its usage it has started covering more smartphones.
We were all in need of a telecommunication network that cuts our expenses to a certain limit, weren’t we?

Google came up with this unique and flexible feature to cut short our international cost. There might be many questions popping up in your mind regarding what it is? How does it works? etc etc.

What is Google Fi ?

Google Fi is a unique flexible feature that enhances your international data coverage with no extra cost.

Google Fi is a telecommunication network that switches between cellular networks and enhanced networks for having faster connection. This when installed works depending upon the software and hardware of your  smartphone.

It provides you messaging, phone and data services using either Wi-Fi or Cellular networks. You will be surprised to know that it uses cellular networks like T-Mobile, Sprint and U..S. Cellular.

When it automatically connects to Wi-fi, all the data is encrypted and protected through an automatic VPN. At present this feature is available in 170+ countries and territories around the world.

Google Fi is all about simplified billing and no hidden extra cost or overages.

How does Google Fi feature works?

Google Fi is a phone carrier which is operated by Google. You can also place calls and sends text using Wi-fi network in this feature.

Google Fi works with a special SIM card and a little software or through an integrated electronic SIM card.

This feature gives you the power of three networks and Wi-Fi in a SIM. To more of your amazement the best quality and uniqueness this feature holds is that you can either use unlimited data plan or switch on to the limited data plan according to the expenses occurred.

Talking about cost lets now further study about the expenses this feature has.

What is the Cost of plans included in this feature?

In Google Fi, if you opt for 4GB data plan per month and use upto 3GB in a month than it has this excellent planing which credits your unutilised 1GB data to the next month plan. It also offers a Family Companion plans in which children below 13 years of age can also be included.

Parents are more worried about their kids way of using technology and content they are referring to.

Google Fi has now simplified it for parents. It now offers parents with feature to limit the time and usage of applications for their children. Also to have a watch over what their children are using and referring to. Parents can also set filters in Google Chrome, Search and others.

In terms of pricing Google Fi isn’t the cheapest one available but definitely the best one to offer wide-variety of unique services.

The perks of Google Fi:

  • Strong service in rural areas
  • Savings for light data users
  • High-speed international data at no extra charge
  • Tethering at no extra charge
  • Bill Protection caps your bill at $60

The downsides of Google Fi:

  • Pricier plans than T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, and some MVNOs, depending on the data allotment
  • iOS program is still in beta
Google Fi is worth your consideration having unique features and combinations.

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