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Learn About Quantum Computing | Get Free Courses & Projects

Quantum Computing is one of the popular emerging trend in the recent years which focuses on developing computer technology based on the quantum theory like principles of energy, atoms etc.

Quantum Computing

What is Quantum Computing?

At present, the computer stores information in terms of bits 0 or 1. Computers that are based on quantum computing stores information in the form of qubit.

Qubit is nothing but quantum version of physical bit that can hold more information than normal bits 0 or 1.

Also, these qubits can perform many operations fastly and concurrently. Qubit can be 0 or 1 or between them.

Advantages of Quantum Computing:

  • Operations can be done quickly
  • Uses less energy when compared with classical computers
  • Can store more information than classical computers

Scope of Quantum Computing in Various Industries:

Some of the industries and applications where Quantum Computing finds its way is as below:
  • Banking Industry: Useful in analyzing thousands of assets to make decisions like where to invest. Also, useful in fraud detectors.
  • DNA Mapping and HealthCare Industry: Easy to simulate different drug composition on Human DNA. Reduces time of marketing drugs.
  • Supply Chain Industry: In supply chain industry, Quantum computing can be used to optimize procurement, production and distribution channels.
  • Media and Technology Industry: Advertisement Engines collect a lot of information about customer and determines which advertisement should be shown to customer. The Quantum Computing can be used to optimize this process.
  • Cyber Security and Encryption Industry: Cryptography is based on Mathematics whereas Quantum Cryptography is based on the physics. In future, Quantum Cryptography may overcome limitations of current encryption algorithms.

Learning Resources on Quantum Computing:

Learning the upcoming technology is always an added advantage. Here are the resources to learn about Quantum computing and Quantum Programming.
  • Best resource by Microsoft can be found here to learn Quantum focussed programming language Q# and libraries used by Q#.
  • Another resource to learn Quantum Computing and algorithms used in this area can be found here
  • Resource to understand Quantum Circuits and create simple drag & drop Quantum Circuits can be seen here
  • Resource to learn Qiskit, an framework on Quantum Computing to work on real IBM Quantum Hardware can be found here
  • Lectures on Quantum Computing by John Preskill can be seen here

Projects and Technologies based on Quantum Computing:

  1. Rigetti Forest is a suite having Quantum Instruction Language Quil, Python library PyQuil, Library of Quantum programs called Grove and simulation environment called Quantum Virtual Machine
  2. Project Q is an framework on Quantum Computing implemented in Python

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