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How to Protect yourself from Hackers | Secure Your Accounts

Top Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

Top Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

In the modern era, the common problem faced by any kind of people is hacking of social media accounts. Not only politicians social media accounts are hacked, but also common people accounts are hacked. It is important to know how to secure social media accounts. This article explains how to secure social media accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts.

Securing the Gmail Account:

In Gmail, at the right bottom corner, there is a button to the page containing Last account activity. After clicking the Last Account, a page opens.

It has details like Device type, IP address, Date. If you found an unusual activity, click sign out of all sessions and change password. Then do the security checkup by clicking here. Check the apps which have access through Gmail. If you find an unusual app, revoke the permissions. Also, enable two-factor authentication for more security Also, check for unusual filters or emails and remove them.

Securing Microsoft Outlook:

Go to https://account.microsoft.com/security and click Review recent activity.

Top Ways to Avoid Being Hacked
Then you can see the time of login, Session type and location also. If you find suspicious, change the password. For more security, enable two-factor authentication.
Top Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

Securing Facebook Account:

Facebook is another powerful media that is targeted by hackers to attack and do bad things.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security to secure your Facebook account.
Top Ways to Avoid Being Hacked
It will provide details like Device on which account is logged on, time and location. Also, you can see IP once you hovered on the device name.

Use two-factor authentication for more security.  Also, turn on the settings “Get alerts from Unrecognised devices” for securing your account.

Securing Twitter Account:

Twitter is a powerful media and micro-blogging platform and is another common target for hackers to attack the society.  Go to https://twitter.com/settings/sessions to secure your Twitter Account.
Top Ways to Avoid Being Hacked
Then check which apps have access to your account. Also check the type of device, time and location also. If you find anything unusual, change your password and verify the apps which have permissions to your account.

Securing an Instagram Account:

Instagram is a powerful media that is used to share videos and photos & is a potential target for hackers. Go to https://www.instagram.com/accounts/access_tool/
Then in Activity tab, click View All under Logins section.
Then you can see the only time of login alone. If you see any suspicious login, change your password immediately.

Securing LinkedIn Account:

Go to LinkedIn account, click on the profile icon and click on Settings and Privacy.
Then click Where you signed in to see the active sessions and their IP addresses.

If you find an unusual activity, change your password. Also, check which apps have access to the LinkedIn account and revoke apps which you do not have trust.
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