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Google Assistant - Learn New Tricks of new Google Assistant


Google Assistant is an virtual assistant designed using artificial Intelligence available on smart devices and mobile devices. At present, it can engage in two way conversations.

Features provided by Google Assistant:

The following things can be done using Google Assistant on Phone:

  • Sending Messages to people
  • Settings reminders like meetings, birthdays
  • Turning Battery Saver on and Checking mails
  • Checking Flight status, Finding coffee shop near to you
  • Play music, podcasts etc
  • Take photos, See past photos of yours
  • Get answers to your queries on weather, traffic etc
  • Control the device of home if enabled with smart switches
  • Used as a navigator while travelling to new destinations
  • Alarm with your favourite music or radio station
  • Can make video call with Google Duo
  • Set timers for various works like cooking, games etc
  • Listen to favourite songs using Spotify
  • With Smart storyteller, you can listen to moral stories
  • Get Translations for various words in different languages

Broadcast Update on Google Assistant:

From now, Google Assistant can be connected to all assistant enabled speakers in house. You can deliver messages like “It’s time to leave for office” to all speakers present in house. To ensure this feature works, all devices should be signed with same account. At present, these messages can be send in English languages. Soon, it will be possible other languages too.

Keeping Phone Silent:
Google is also integrating the feature to “Turn on/off phone to Silent mode” with speech recognition like “Do not disturb on phone”. Another example is “Hey Google, Silence my Phone”.

Google Assistant on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL:
Google Assistant on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL can screen the calls and give the transcription of the call too.
Also, using Google Assistant on these devices, you can take a visual snapshot of the day and present it in single view.

Addition of Routine to Clock application:
When the alarm is turned off, it can execute multiple things like informing about traffic, informing about weather and turning off coffee maker.

Smart Display Update:
When a recipe for a particular dish is searched, it not only shows step by step to make it, but also it shows recommended recipes on the home screen.

Other Google Assistant Updates:

  • No need to start with “Hey Google”. Can talk in normal and comfortable languages
  • Google Assistant can now handle multiple actions
  • Also, it can book appointments and make phone calls
  • Within short period of time, Google Assistant can even order food for you
  • It also send notifications about upcoming events, reminders
  • Another update is alerts will be send if your flight is delayed
  • In future, even to do list will be integrated with Google Assistant
  • The Google Assistant will come in 6 different languages in future

Smart Speakers that support Google Assistant:

  • The following speakers support Google Assistant:
  • Google Home
  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Home Max
  • Panasonic SC-GA 10
  • JBL Link 20
  • SonyLF-SG50
  • Lenovo Smart display 10’’

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